Documentation Databases

UIC Raildoc Portal

As part of the Quality programme initiated in 2015, the new RailDoc web portal launched in June 2016 improves access to the information held by the UIC Documentation Centre.

UIC Media Center

The multimedia library is a fully-fledged tool for archiving and sharing information. It is designed not only as a historical repository, archiving photographs and videos related to members’ activities, but also as a platform to communicate and share information between the association and its members.

Other Bibliographical databases

In 2005, the Working Group "Information Network" chaired by DB AG carried out a survey on the bibliographical databases from the UIC members’ Documentation Centres.

Here is the list of databases accessible via the Internet:

CD. Czech Railways
TRIS 53 500 references from magazine articles from 1993/1994 onwards (in Czech)
OPAC Online Catalogue of library resources since 1998 (in Czech)

FFE. Spanish Railways Foundation
DOCUTREN 120 000 references (in Spanish)

KRRI. Korea Railroad Research Institute
Digital library 26 000 references (in Korean)

SBB. Swiss Federal Railways
Library database common catalogue of several Swiss libraries, 29 000 references for SBB (in German)
Archives database (in French, English, German and Dutch)

UITP. International Association of Public Transport
MOBI+ (in English)

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Friday 14 August 2015