Rail Freight Forward

Rail Freight Forward is a coalition of European rail freight companies that are committed to drastically reduce the negative impact of freight transport on the planet and mobility, through innovation and a more intelligent transport mix. UIC Freight acts as the overall coordinator of the RFF program and related technical projects.
The RFF coalition is unified and driven by a common vision to make rail freight the green and multimodal, logistical backbone for all people in Europe. To achieve this, we aim for a modal shift striving for a 30% modal share of rail freight by 2030. The “30 by 2030” vision is being realized by the harmonization of existing processes and the implementation of technological game-changers, which include:
  • Digital Platform (DP-RAIL) – one consolidated data system for all countries and companies that allows for seamless international transport and creates new more competitive rail freight products for customers.
  • Digital Capacity Management (DCM) – internationally standardized capacity planning that enables instant and fully digitalized freight booking, which is flexible in meeting market requirements.
  • Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) – automating train assembly by replacing manually operated coupling with a stronger standardized digital solution, allowing for faster, longer and heavier freight trains.
  • European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) – granting consistent digital infrastructure and train systems throughout Europe, thus facilitating the implementation of one borderless railway network.
  • Autonomous Train Operation (ATO) – supervised or fully automated train steering and pacing on mainlines, terminals and shipyards, making operations easier and allowing for more trains and thus higher freight loads to be transported.

Read more at https://www.railfreightforward.eu

Rail Freight Forward - Future of Mobility - This is us, 10/2021

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For any further information please contact: Martin Polak

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