The Railway-Industry Partnership for Integrated Security of Rail Transport

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Protectrail is a research project in the field of security, proposed in the framework of the seventh programme for research and technological development (Call for Proposals for Security Research (FP7-SEC-2009-1) published on 3 September 2008.
The task is to develop an integrated system to improve the security of rail transportation through better protection of railways and trains, and to reduce disparity in security between European railway systems. This will include the immunity of signal and power distribution systems against electromagnetic terrorism, the detection of abnormal objects on or under ballast; clearance of trains before daily use; control of access to driver’s cabin, detection of unauthorised driver; new methods/tools to isolate and secure luggage; as well as a study and tools to reduce disparity of European railway systems’ security. The action will demonstrate the potential of the European rail transportation systems for improved protection and homogeneity.


1 September 2010 - 30 June 2014


Leadership: ANSALDO (ASTS – IT)
29 partners (BE, DE, FR, IT, IL, LT, NL, PL, SK, TR, UK)

  • Industry: Alstom, Bombardier, Morpho, Smiths, Thales, TNO…
  • Research institute: CEA, Eppra, Kingdom University, SODERN,…
  • Rail companies: IK, LITRAIL, PKP PLK, RFI, SNCF, TCDD, ZSSK
  • Associations: UIC, UNIFE

Benefits for rail

The ProtectRail project offered us the opportunity:

  • To get state-of-the-art of latest security technologies
  • To study applicability to railway infrastructure
  • To provide the industry with railway recommendations & definition of needs
  • To bring the “operational” point of view and to enhance accuracy between industry developments and railway needs
  • To obtain funding to study some existing and potential railway security issues
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Wednesday 1 September 2010