RailData – Special Group

The mission of RailData is to develop and run central IT systems for European rail freight undertakings.


  • Ensures the electronic exchange of railway CIM/SMGS consignment notes and CUV wagon notes data between the co-operating railway undertakings, using a Central Data Management System (CDS)
  • Provides Cost Savings by replacing the paper Consignment with an electronic version that assures data quality and reusability.
  • Ensures that Consignment Note data is TAF-TSI compliant and is of sufficient data quality for operational purposes.
  • Provides versatility so that Consignment data can be used during rail transport for several operational tasks, e.g. resource planning, production steering, electronic invoicing …
  • Provides simplicity for railway undertakings by providing a standard interface for data exchange, eliminating the necessity to support multiple interfaces by trading partner

RAILDATA ISR (International Service Reliability)
ISR platform is an information system developed and operated by RailData. It is a common tool used by the ISR railway undertakings for concentration and exchange of information about movements of freight wagons in international traffic through a central platform. It makes it possible to track both loaded and empty freight wagons, as well as consignments across significant parts of Europe.
ISR encompasses the following functions:

  • wagon status - ISR registers the position and status of freight wagons. Railway undertakings are involved in the transportation of wagons and/or responsible for the wagon’s journey and thus, can see or obtain, key information regarding the wagons location and current activity.
  • train running - Information about movements of freight trains is stored in the RTIS database (Running Train Information System). It is used mainly for advanced wagon tracking based on the real-time position of trains while running.
  • wagon performance - ISR collects wagon performance data (km) from some railway undertakings and estimates the distance completed by wagons on behalf of other railway undertakings using their own calculation engine. Performance data is then sent to interested users and to the wagon keepers.

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Wednesday 11 May 2022