Sabotage, Intrusions, Attacks (SIA)

UIC sabotage, intrusions and attacks working group (WG SIA)

Chaired by Deutsche Bahn AG (Germany) and co-chaired by Trafikverket (Sweden).

This WG was created in November 2017 to address the topics sabotage, intrusions and attacks regarding to the railway infrastructure. Within the Kick-off meeting a variety of different topics (e. g. security of tunnel, smuggling of illegal goods) were addressed by the WG members to be discussed in the upcoming meetings.
In 2018, the WG concentrates on access control to operational and non-operational buildings. On request of the WG members, a temporary sub-working group were created to analyse effective solutions to control the access to and inside buildings to avoid unauthorized access, assure the safety and security of the company staff and their property.

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Tuesday 4 December 2018