Train Rail Hackathon

Train Rail Hackathon is organised in cooperation with Railway Training Centres Network, universities, stakeholders, etc. It offers participants and rail enthusiasts the opportunity to imagine the future and develop solutions for railway operators. Young talents from railway companies and universities find innovative solutions through this competition, using their knowledge, intelligence and expertise to reinvent the ways of doing things in this sector.

The goals of the hackathon are to:

  • Raise younger generations’ awareness regarding the link between developing rail transit and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Enhance their understanding about the spirit of innovation;
  • Develop their competence in working with personalities of diverse backgrounds, which will thus prepare them to become world leaders and thinkers in contributing to a sustainable world;
  • Strengthen cultural exchange among their countries, setting the foundation for the future development of international relations;
  • Support the challenges of railway companies and education and training establishments with creativity
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Thursday 30 November 2023