PROACTIVE Progress Meeting 3 (PM3)

17-18 March 2020, Münster

The 3rd PROACTIVE progress meeting (PM3) will be held on 17-18 March 2020, in Münster Germany, at the kind invitation of DHPol. This meeting is restricted to PROACTIVE consortium members.

The project progress meeting will be followed by the PSAB Workshop on March 19th. More details on the dedicated event page:


The agenda will be circulated by email.

Registration Form for PM3

To participate in the 3rd progress meeting, please fill in the form below (Please note that the workshop has a different registration page:


The event will be held at the DHPol venue – Zum Roten Berge 18, 48165 Münster, Germany. left
DHPol Campus Plan

- PDF - 212.4 kb



There is the possibility to get breakfast (07:00-8:30) in the canteen of the DHPol. Your lunch will be provided at the venue. Tea/coffee/water will be provided throughout the duration of the event.


By plane/train:
The closest international airports are Münster Osnabrück (FMO), Dortmund (DTM) and Düsseldorf (DUS).

From the airports you can travel by public transport as follows:

  • Airport Münster Osnabrück (approx. 1-2 hours to the venue):
    Bus S50, R51 to Münster (Westf) Hbf (central station) (30 min) every 30 min.
    - Train RE 7/RB 69 one stop to Münster Hiltrup (approx. 5 min.), 3 trains per hour
    - Walkway leading to DHPol (15 min)
  • Dortmund Airport (approx. 1-1.5 hours to the venue):
    Bus Airport to Holzwickede (5 min)
    - Train RE 7/ERB to Münster Hiltrup (approx. 50 min.) every 20-30 min.
    - Walkway leading to DHPol (15 min)
  • Düsseldorf Airport (approx. 1.5-2 hours to the venue):
    Train RE 6 (89727)/ICE 943 to Hamm (Westf) Hbf (central station) (1-1:20 hours)
    - Train RE 7/ERB to Münster Hiltrup (approx. 20 min.) every 20-30 min.
    - Walkway leading to DHPol (15 min)
    Train RE 2 (10225) to Münster (Westf) Hbf (central station) (1:20 hours)
    - Train RE 7/ERB one stop to Münster Hiltrup (approx. 5 min.) every 20 min.
    - Walkway leading to DHPol (15 min)

For further information please visit:

By bus:
There are three lines running from Münster (Westf) Hbf (central station) to Münster Hiltrup approx. every ten minutes.
The most important connections are the bus 1 (25 min) and bus 9 (20 min) to Hiltrup Schulzentrum/Stadthalle -> Walkway leading to DHPol (10 min)

By car:
There will be the option for parking at the venue.

The walkway to DHPol from Münster-Hiltrup train station

- PDF - 243.1 kb

The walkway to DHPol from the nearest bus stop

- PDF - 390.2 kb



There are several hotels close to Münster central station/city centre. We can recommend the following hotels close to the venue that offer special conditions for DHPol guests. There is also a limited number of rooms on the DHPol campus (only for the nights 17.03-18.03 and 18.03-19.03).

Hotel Ambiente
Marktallee 44, Münster-Hiltrup
+49 2501 2776-0
9 min. walk to venue

Hotel zur Prinzenbrücke
Osttor 16, Münster-Hiltrup
+49 2501 4497 0
Next to train station Münster Hiltrup

Hotel Hiltruper Hof
Westfalenstraße 148, 48165 Münster
+49 2501 2788 0
13 min. walkt to DHPol

Best Western Premier Krautkrämer
Zum Hiltruper See 173, Münster-Hiltrup
+49 2501 8050
2.3 km distance to venue (no public transportation available). Please consider this option only if you travel by car.

DHPol campus
A limited number of rooms are available. Please contact the DHPol team for further details.

Please note that all available rooms at DHPol have been booked.

Local contact

For any queries regarding these logistical instructions, please contact the DHPol team:

Danielle Carbon:

Andreas Arnold:

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Tuesday 28 January 2020