Tuesday 25 July 2023

UIC Rail Academy is launching its first online training courses on FRMCS Overview, 23-24 August, Live Online (9.30am-1.30 CET)

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One of the key elements of success is developing the necessary skills of engineers well in advance of the start of deployment. This approach has triggered the creation of the UIC Rail Academy, whose first online training courses will be held in August. This is FRMCS Overview focusing on the global system view.

However, the UIC Rail Academy will, of course, develop more training courses in the next period.

FRMCS Overview – 23-24 August

Objective of the course

This course provides information for the main constituents to introduce the FRMCS system. It is recommended for operations engineers or technical project managers. It outlines the need for FRMCS, driven by GSM-R obsolescence, introduces the UIC specifications and the ETSI and 3GPP standards that are required for FRMCS, highlights the current radio spectrum allocations and how FRMCS and GSM-R may co-exist in the rollout phase, explains the 5G technology and the Mission Critical communications and explains the overall FRMCS reference architecture based on the UIC specifications.

Course contents

  • FRMCS – An Introduction
  • FRMCS Requirements
  • Spectrum Issues
  • FRMCS Reference Architecture
  • 5G
  • Mission Critical Communications

Register now here with a “special August promotion”

More information on the UIC Training courses: https://uic.org/events/uic-rail-academy-is-launching-its-first-training-courses-on-frmcs

For further information, please contact academy@uic.org

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