Tuesday 12 December 2023

UIC publishes IRS 80864-5, “Technical specification – Permanent way – Supply of rail pads”

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Published in December 2023, this edition of IRS 80864 part 5, “Technical Specification – Permanent way – Supply of rail pads” is the result of a second revision of the UIC Leaflet 864 series on track materials. No other complete standard or specification exists in this domain.

IRS 80864-5 has been developed as part of the “Track Expert Group – Migration of UIC Leaflets 864-4, 5, 6, 7 and 8”. Special mention must go to all the experts and UIC staff involved in the production of this new IRS over the past few years, and particularly to Stefano Rossi of RFI and Bernhard Knoll of ÖBB.

The experts’ work is continuing this year with a review of UIC Leaflets 864-6 and 864-7.

IRS 80864-5 integrates, in full or in part, UIC Leaflet 864-5.

Link to the IRS: Technical specification – Permanent Way – Supply of rail pads (réf. 80864-5/E/1-PDFs) (uic.org)

For further information please contact Marcos Da Conceição, Senior Advisor Infrastructure at conceicao@uic.org

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Figure 1: Example of one rail pad