Friday 1 December 2023

UIC launches Safety Task Force for Latin America

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We are thrilled to share a momentous occasion that unfolded on 28 November – a virtual gathering that marked the launch of the UIC Safety Platform for members in Latin America.

Leading the charge were esteemed figures in the railway industry: María Ester Mateo Rodríguez from ADIF and Chair of the UIC Safety Platform, Francisco Cabrera, Deputy Chief of Operations and Safety at UIC, and Isabelle Fonverne, UIC Senior Safety and Interoperability Advisor, all from the UIC Safety Platform. The session was enriched by the presence of Marc Guigon, UIC Coordinator for the region and Nicedolly Taborda, UIC Representative in Latin America.

Distinguished representatives from prominent railway companies, including EFE Trenes de Chile, the Transportation Safety Board (JST) of Argentina, Ferrocarriles Argentinos (FASE) and ALAF, also participated in the launch. Each participant had a moment to introduce themselves, fostering connections within our collaborative network.

The organisers explained the UIC team’s role within the Operation & Safety Platform, providing insights into its key functions. Additionally, they introduced the permanent working groups associated with the platform, laying the groundwork for ongoing collaboration.

The themes of safety culture and objectives were at the forefront of discussions, together with reflections on governance and essential statutes for establishing a robust working group. This meeting, replicated globally by region, underscores the universal importance of the safety of our railways.

Through a survey conducted during the meeting, participants expressed their areas of interest, leading to an agreement to focus on five key themes: human factors, capabilities, workers, fatigue and fair, and safety culture. This event signifies the beginning of a collective effort in the region dedicated to safety, with the expectation that the group will present documents based on the results of their collaborative efforts.

Excitingly, during the meeting, there was a discussion about the possibility of hosting the Latin American Regional Assembly in June in Buenos Aires, to coincide with the ILCAD and TRESPAD safety launch conferences hosted by Junta de Seguridad en el Transporte (JST), scheduled from 5 to 7 June 2024 (visit for more information).

We appreciate the active participation of all involved and eagerly anticipate the continued progress of this regional collaboration in ensuring the safety and efficiency of our railways.

Together, let’s forge a safer and more efficient future for railways in Latin America!

For further information on the activities of the UIC Latin American Region, please contact Marc Guigon

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